Wildwood Therapies and Related Services

We provide many support and related services to students and family members such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, social work, speech and language therapy, behavior supports, nursing services, work based learning, transition coordination, instructional technology support, adaptive physical education, music therapy and art enrichment.
Music Therapy at Wildwood School is a discipline that provides music interventions that support student growth in the areas of social, cognitive, language, and motor skill development. As a department, we integrate our planning with the entire educational team in order to assure that skills are being reinforced across all environments.

We participate fully in the Professional Learning Communities and share responsibility for student growth and achievement.
The main focus of occupational therapy services at Wildwood School is to further a child’s success and independence in school and at home. We seek to do this by providing a variety of occupational therapy services such as individual and group sessions during which we address fine motor, daily living, sensory processing, and sensory motor skills. These services are provided in a variety of settings including classroom, therapy room, vocational instruction, and community.

School based physical therapy is offered to students who have delayed or abnormal gross motor development. Physical therapy assists students to use their bodies as efficiently as possible to better access the school environment and perform school tasks such as sitting in a chair with proper postural alignment, walking and transitioning around school as independently as possible and developing a skill set to participate in gross motor games, recreational, and fitness activities. Physical therapists become a part of a student’s team of teachers and service providers when a physical impairment is impacting their independence in the school environment.

Here at Wildwood School, communication skills are targeted through the delivery of speech therapy services. Speech therapists address a variety of disorders related to speech and language, including: articulation, expressive/receptive, and pragmatic language skills, voice, fluency and hearing impairment. Our goal is to approach therapy holistically through collaboration with the classroom team, other related service providers, and caregivers. Many of our students utilize assistive technology in order to augment their communication skills. Our Speech therapists work to train the educational team and family on the use of these devices in order to facilitate a students communicative growth.  Therapy is delivered by either a push-in and/or pull-out therapy model with the goal of achieving generalization within the classroom, home and community settings.
The Nursing Department at Wildwood School strives to provide support to our students, their families, as well as educating our staff on health-related issues. We have a holistic approach to wellness, taking the time to understand the whole student when providing care and guidance. The nurses at Wildwood encourage family involvement with our department as we provide quality care to our students.
The Social Work Department works in collaboration with teachers, language therapists, occupational and physical therapists, nursing, service coordinators, and outside providers as needed. Our social workers provide counseling for students in individual and group sessions and also provide counseling, advocacy, education, and referral for families. Parent support groups are available for families and consultation and education with team members is provided to promote understanding of families’ perspectives and social/emotional development of students.
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