Vocational and Day Supports

Wildwood believes that each person should have the opportunity to work and/or participate in meaningful ways within their communities.  To support people in building the lives they want, Wildwood maintains a Vocational Continuum of services which allow each person to build skills and receivesupports that are responsive to their specific needs and goals. 


Day Supports

Day Services at Wildwood provide an environment within which people who are eligible for service through OPWDD can be involved in meaningful activities that allow them to grow and learn, pursue personal goals and interests, gain greater independence and make a contribution to their community.  Individuals participate in a variety of group activities designed to address their personal goals. Wildwood’s Day Services are provided through three sites (in East Greenbush, Colonie and Halfmoon) as well as through a ‘Without Walls’ program. 

Day Services: Site-based Supports
Wildwood offers site-based Day Supports at three sites throughout the Capital Region (in East Greenbush, Colonie and Halfmoon).  Each site provides broad choices of activities including community service, arts, recreation, culinary, and vocational skill-building.  Programs are deeply embedded in the community allowing individuals participating to build relationships and form bonds.
Day Services: Without Walls
Wildwood’s DayHab Without Walls program (WoW) provides support for individuals who spend their entire day in the community.  Staff provide transportation from home at the beginning of the day and back again at day’s end.  Throughout the day, individuals participate in broad choices of activities including community service, arts, recreation, culinary, and vocational skill-building.
For information about Wildwood’s Day Services, contact Robin Sheldon, Director of Day Services or 518.640.3410

Mud Shoo Farm

Farming and Outdoor Projects at Mud Shoo Farm has been part of Wildwood Programs since 1999.  The grounds include a greenhouse, a year - round education building, an indoor riding arena, fields for growing fruits and vegetable, and pens for raising chickens. Thanks to the ongoing generosity of Wildwood’s supporters, this premiere facility makes “Learning for Life” a reality for over one hundred people annually from Wildwood’s Day Services, School, and other programs.
Farming and Outdoor Projects at Wildwood, allows individuals to access a variety of non-traditional life-long learning opportunities in agriculture, animal husbandry, horticulture, equine care, horsemanship and farm support as well as access to recreational activities in a country atmosphere away from the urban and suburban environment where many people live and receive services.
The fields at Mud Shoo Farm have produced thousands of pounds of vegetables and fresh eggs that are distributed to local food pantries to help those in need. Participating in the care of chickens and cultivation of crops in order to help their local communities is a great source of pride for people at Wildwood.
The Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program provides those interested in equine activities with an opportunity to learn from the ground up about safety, equine care, horse behavior and instincts, handling, tack and tools and riding skills. The program is administered by a PATH certified therapeutic riding instructor.   

Wildwood Transportation

Wildwood Transportation
Wildwood’s Transportation Department provides transportation from a person’s home to their site-based Day Program, and back again.

For questions about Wildwood Transportation, contact Les Arras, Transportation Services Manager or 518.608.6102 

Pre-vocational Services

Wildwood’s Pre-Vocational Services support those who are interested in working to explore options and build skills that will allow them to attain paid employment that it integrated into the community.  Wildwood’s network of committed business partners provides opportunities for real-world learning.  Two programs are offered with people who have eligibility through OPWDD.
Pre-vocational Services: Work Readiness Initiative
The Work Readiness Initiative (WRI) is an OPWDD Community-based Prevocational Program with two primary components:
  • An interactive curriculum that is designed to help participants grow the skills needed for any job.  The curriculum covers 52 topics that reinforce workplace expectations, development of universal "soft skills", and knowledge needed for specific careers. 
  • A series of increasingly personalized opportunities, including workplace tours, job try-outs and internships, allowing individuals to experience a variety of vocational settings so they can make more informed choices about their career path(s).
Similar to other types of educational settings, the Work Readiness Initiative has defined start and end dates (every January and July), so that a group of individuals can start at the same time and learn together.  The fundamental goal of WRI is to develop qualified candidates who will be ready to transition into paid employment in their field of choice.
WRI operates out of Wildwood’s administrative facility at 1190 Troy Schenectady Road in Latham
The Work Readiness Initiative offers two possible scheduling options:
  • 3 Days/week Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • 3 Days/week Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Pre-vocational Services are to people approved for OPWDD Community Pre-vocational services. For further information contact Chris Blizinski, Work Readiness Coordinator, or 518.640.3497

Employment Services

Wildwood Programs’ Employment Services help people with intellectual disabilities to find and maintain meaningful work, at competitive wages, in their own communities through services funded by the NYS Office of People with Developmental Disorders and ACCE-VR.   Since 1984, Wildwood Programs has provided a full array of supported employment services, including community-based assessments, career exploration, benefits planning, resume writing, interview preparation, soft-skills training, application assistance, and supported employment both on-site and off-site as needed. 
Employment Services at Wildwood depend on strong partnerships with the businesses community.   Wildwood helps employers understand the value of hiring people with disabilities and ensures that businesses realize the full benefit of inclusive employment.   

To access the business portal and video, visit

Employment Service may be available to anyone who is of working age and has been diagnosed with a disability. Wildwood receives referrals from ACCES-VR (Adult Career and Continuing Education Services - Vocational Rehabilitation) and OPWDD (Office for Persons with Developmental Disabilities).  For further information about Employment Services, contact Paula Martelle, Director of Employment Services, or 518.640.3339

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