Wildwood School


Wildwood School

Wildwood School provides a comprehensive educational program for students with autism spectrum disorders, neurological impairments, and complex learning disabilities to prepare them to be as independent as possible.  There is a blend of academic, social, employment, and functional skills that are taught to each student driven by their Individual Educational Plan (IEP), needs and interests. 

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Adult Education

Adult Education offers learning opportunities in work-related skills, the arts, financial, interpersonal, literacy and wellness skills. Learning takes place through: 

  • small group classes 
  • individualized supports 
  • video and multi-media materials
  • adapted and hands-on texts 
  • Adult Education also provides assistance with:
  • accommodations for testing and learning 
  • supports for community-based learning and college coursework
  • Success Seminars  

Parent Network of the Capital Region (PNCR)

The PNCR's mission is to provide parents with the knowledge, skills, and resources to facilitate productive relationships with their school districts ensuring an appropriate education for their child.

PNCR provides parents and family members of children with disabilities information, resources and strategies to: 
  • Promote meaningful involvement in their child's educational programs including information regarding the special education process (referrals for special education, individual evaluations, individualized education programs or IEP development and transition planning);
  • Assist parents in understanding their child's disabilities;
  • Promote early resolution of disputes between parents and school districts;
  • Promote the use of resolution sessions and special education mediations;
  • Assist in understanding procedural due process rights;
  • Enhance parents' skills and levels of confidence to communicate effectively and work collaboratively with their schools to advocate for and actively participate in their child's education program.
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