Medicaid Service Coordination

Wildwood Programs’ Medicaid Service Coordination assists individuals with intellectual disabilities to gain access to the full array of services and supports available to them in the community, while promoting the concepts of choice, self determination, individualized services and supports and consumer satisfaction.  The service coordinator works collaboratively with the individual, family and other service providers to develop and implement an Individualized Service Plan, which outlines a person’s goals, desires, and dreams. The Medicaid Service Coordinator provides assistance with Medicaid Waiver enrollment, systems navigation, linkage, referral, advocacy, and benefits access and management. Wildwood Medicaid Service Coordinators use a person centered approach, allowing the person being supported to be the center of service direction.

For those who may not have an ongoing and comprehensive need for full Medicaid Service Coordination, and would like a "lighter touch" in terms of services, we also offer Plan of Care Support Services (PCSS). PCSS offers Individualized Service Plan development and review, while also offering 2 months additional services should a need arise, for a maximum of 4 service months per year.

To find out more information about Wildwood's Medicaid Service Coordination department, contact Barb Kirby at or 640-3356.


Recreation Services

Wildwood's Recreation/ Recreation Respite Program offers activities for individuals of all ages.  The goals of the program include not only enjoyment of leisure time, and  respite but also socialization and integration within the community. The recreation/ recreation  respite staff creatively seek activities that broaden the participants’ experience and further their goals in areas like social and life skills. It is a social program assisting people in small group situations with their leisure pursuits within the community.  Independent access of the community is the goal, but staff can assist individuals so that they may participate in this service. People can select from the recreation offerings and choose the ones they want to enjoy.

The program is open to all OPWDD eligible individuals.  We serve people from age 5 – 85 in a variety of settings.  Some of the more formal services include Saturday Recreation and GAP for school aged people.  The GAP program meets daytime during school vacations and is a service for families without other options for these school breaks.

Adult Respite and Adult Recreation serve individuals over the age of 18 living in their family home.  If the individual lives in an OPWDD sanctioned residential setting they would most likely be in our recreation program.  The two adult programs look and feel identical.


Family Supports

Family Support Services include those areas that are designed to help support an individual in living at home with family as long as they desire. While the supports certainly benefit the person, they are also designed to support the family or caregiver. This includes areas such as:

  • Information and referral on supports and services that may be available
  • Workshops designed to provide education and information
  • Support groups that may be designed for either individuals receiving supports or their families
  • Counseling supports
  • Case management and benefit supports for those not enrolled in Medicaid Service Coordination
  • In-home behavior supports
  • Reimbursement for respite and goods and services
  • HCBS Waiver Respite services



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