The holidays are a fun and exciting time of the year; however, they can also be very stressful.  Keep the following tips from our partners at Jaeger and Flynn in mind when navigating through the holidays to help minimize the effects of stress on your plans.

By Michelle Brown, LMSW


This year Wildwood Programs was invited, along with the Center for Disability Services, to partner with Eddy Alzheimer’s Services by their Education Specialist, Jennifer Harvey, MSW, CDP.  This opportunity to have a working collaboration in a 3 year grant funded program is exciting. The goal of the program is to teach and empower Wildwood staff to increase their knowledge of Alzheimer’s Dementia, increase their ability to recognize the signs and symptoms of dementia in people with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities and to develop and deliver a person-centered approach to both maintain each person’s independence and to cope with their changing abilities.

By Tom Schreck


Over the last year, Wildwood staff at all levels began work on the organization’s next strategic plan. A strategic plan is a written guide of the direction that the organization intends to take in the next few years. It involves examining the current environment for threats and opportunities before developing a plan to address the future.

By Tom Schreck


Congratulations to Wildwood School’s Educational Technology Specialist, Mark Giufre, for being honored with the International Society for Technology in Education’s Making IT Happen award. 

This week the Indira Singh Legacy Award was presented to Bonnie McKeown. The award recognizes a staff who exhibits the committment, dedication and creativity that Indira did in her work at Wildwood. 



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