By Tom Schreck


Although there have been no scientific studies that have definitively found a link between autism spectrum disorders and seasonal affective disorders, many people with autism report elevated levels of depression during the dark winter months. It can happen to anyone of us but is sometimes not recognized in our loved ones with autism.

By Melinda Burns


Caregiving can often be a stressful role for family members.  If you have the responsibility of taking care of a loved one- a son or daughter, a mother, a sibling- some days may seem like the demands just never end. You may even be part of the “sandwich” generation and care for both an older loved one and an offspring. 

Caregivers are so important in their loved ones’ lives. They make all the difference and provide the quality of life no one else can. From knowing their likes and dislikes, to assisting them through difficult times of day, to simply being there, caregivers are the “glue” that bond individuals’ lives together. Take the time to enjoy that bond- from having a little laugh at something funny, to singing along to a song for the 100th time or to just taking the time to consider what an impact you have on your loved one’s life. Life wouldn’t be the same without you! Taking care of others is an important role that often receives very little recognition and can be very challenging. However, there are some things you can do to make the responsibility a little lighter.

The Adult Education Holiday Choir is performing their 29th Annual Holiday Concert on: Tuesday, 12/11, at 7:00 p.m. at the First Reformed Church of Scotia, 224 North Ballston Road, (Route 50), Scotia, NY 12302

By Michelle Singh


Therapeutic yoga is designed to focus on a particular population or diagnosis. By working through five areas or layers of the person’s being, the goal is to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. We are very excited to be starting a therapeutic yoga class with the help of Family Support.

By Melinda Burns


On a sunny day this past September, hundreds and hundreds of walkers laced up their sneakers and got ready to get moving for the 20th Walk for Wildwood. The Walk for Wildwood that started in 1998 as an idea of a few staff at Wildwood has know grown into an anticipated yearly event that raises important funds for Wildwood.


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