By Michelle Brown

Wildwood empowers the people we support to lead productive and fulfilling lives. We always look for new methods to enact our mission. In the Spring of 2018, an informational Rights Education training was developed to do just that.  The adults we support and their families are provided opportunities to attend these interactive learning sessions.  

Every year, in this week of the year is set aside to honor our Direct Support Professionals. Our DSPs are the people who carry out our mission 24 hours a day 365 days a year. It isn't an easy job and it calls for a person to be responsible for another individual's safety and, very often, fulfillment. That's not a position just anyone can fill.

To get an idea what it means to the people who do that job listen to Tawana from our Best Road residence:

Jason Cummins is a DSP in Day Services. He hasn't worked as a DSP as long as Tawana but all you have to do is talk to him to get a sense of how important his work is to him.

If you receive supports or have a family member who does, you don't have to be reminded about how important these professionals are.


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