By Sue Schneider, Director of Quality Assurance

Every year Wildwood conducts a survey to give people the chance to let us know how we are doing. This year 155 people who receive supports and 251 family members or caregivers let us know what they think about their supports and services by responding to the survey.

The results were very encouraging.

By Melinda Burns, Director of Adult Education

  • A new tax-exempt way to save money for future needs
  • Available to all individuals with disabilities and their families 

What is an ABLE Account?

By Michelle A. Brown

Wildwood empowers the people we support to lead productive and fulfilling lives. We always look for new methods to enact our mission. In the spring of 2018, an informational Rights Education training was developed to do just that.  The adults we support and their families are provided opportunities to attend these interactive learning sessions.   

The goals are:

  • To assist people to learn about their rights and responsibilities as citizens.  
  • To stimulate an interest in living one’s rights.
  • To promote further exploration and conversation about rights and advocacy.
  • To encourage the development of new and innovative methods to support people to live their rights.

A unique characteristic of this educational model is its method of delivery.  Each session is facilitated by a Wildwood staff member and a person who receives support through Wildwood (a self-advocate).  These co-educators deliver a strong message from a first-person perspective.  

Traveling to people's homes and day programs, the co-educators speak with people, sharing both formal information and personal experiences about enacting rights. 

For additional information or to set up a Rights Education session, please contact Michelle Brown at 518-640-3384 or

By Nancy Zipprich RN, residential nursing staff

Sometimes in this field we make assumptions that luckily the individuals we support disprove.  Don's story is one such case. His story can teach us all to never underestimate what individuals can achieve with a little support and caring from all of us. 

This fall, Wildwood is offering workshops for parents, families and professionals in many different interesting areas.  There will be workshops on Supported Decision Making-New York, Parenting through Challenging Behaviors, Employment Services 101: What You Need to Know to Get Started and The Transitional Spectrum for Children.  There is also a series of workshops on Planning for the Future that are being offered this fall.  All workshops will be held at Wildwood in the Latham location and must be registered for to attend.  For more information click the button below.


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