A spirited group of Wildwood self-advocates, staff and parents attended a rally on February 13, 2023 at the Capitol Building in Albany.  We joined advocates from around the state, partnering to ensure our powerful voices were heard as we petitioned Governor Hochul to add a vital  8.5% Cost Of Living Adjustment for Direct Support Professionals to the budget. 

    Advocates and family members spoke passionately about their life experiences, and clarified what their lives or lives of their loved ones would look like without the support of DSP’s. For some, they no longer attend meaningful day programs due to a lack of staff. For others, access to the community has been almost eliminated as they don’t have the support to be active. 

    DSP’s illuminated their life experiences, detailing working long hours and the necessity of having two, even three jobs just to make ends meet. Why? So they may continue to do the essential work they are so passionate about.  Their work ensures the citizens they support may live lives of dignity and respect; that they continue to have critical help to attend doctor appointments,  to complete daily living skills such as bathing, and to receive nutrition assistance, to name only a few of the supports they provide.

    It was an energized environment where legislators listened and added their voices of support to the cause.   



Call and schedule a visit with your legislators!  You may find them on these websites:

Write letters, attend rallies, sign petitions, SPEAK UP!

    Encourage your legislators to advocate for their constituents and petition Governor Hochul to take care of our essential workforce.  Join us and make your voice heard. .

    Assertiveness, Boundaries and Confidence class offered in Adult Education

    To help the people we support develop the skills necessary to be an effect advocate the Adult Education department offers an Assertiveness, Boundaries and Confidence class. This class helps students develop communication skills in a variety of challenging situations. Assertiveness, Boundaries and Confidence encourages students to practice skills through real-life scenarios and receive feedback to help them speak up for themselves and build confidence.      

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