Throughout the month of May, Wildwood employees were encouraged to participate in “Spring into Motion”, a walking challenge implemented by the HEAL committee. Each day, employees logged the total number of miles walked into a Google form. By the end of May, around 50 employees were registered and submitting their miles.

    Awards such as grocery store gift cards and massage guns were given out to the top two walkers along with two randomly selected walkers. The importance of adding two randomly selected walkers was due to the fact that not everyone has the time or ability in their day to walk 20 miles, but even if you were able to walk 1 or 2, you still had a chance to be selected as a winner!

    Individually, Patti O’Mara was crowned the 2022 “Spring into Motion” 1st place winner with 347 miles walked. That’s like walking from Wildwood all the way to Baltimore, Maryland! 

    Between all 50 walkers, the agency as a whole collectively walked over 3,800 miles! 

    "Spring into Motion" was a fun initiative to stay active while also getting into the competitive, yet fun-loving spirit.The HEAL committee hopes to turn "Spring into Motion" into a yearly competition!

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