Every voice matters. 

    Each year, Wildwood representatives meet with our legislators and legislative aids to remind them of the importance of ensuring state funds are allocated for developmental disability services and staff wage increases.  On Friday, March 4, 2022, via Zoom, we ensured our annual advocacy visit took place. 

    Over the years as we’ve been visiting our senators and assemblymembers, we have developed impactful relationships. These relationships have become a vital pathway to both our state government and to our Governor. 

    “The legislators listened to me and my team. They understood our perspective.  It felt good to represent Wildwood.  I want to make a difference and I encourage other self-advocates to speak up as well,”  Eugene Holmes, self-advocate, says about his experience.  He felt it was very positive.  He explained the advocacy visit included a team of Wildwood staff, parents and self-advocates. 

    He also had the opportunity to meet in private with Assemblymember Santabarbara.  Eugene said,” 

    “It was an awesome experience. We made a connection,” Eugene says  “He liked my perspective on increasing staff wages and agreed with me.” 

    When asked if he felt confident the new Governor would listen to us, Eugene indicated he was hopeful. 

    Please, continue your advocacy efforts.  It’s important our legislators hear our voices on a regular basis, not just once per year.  What can you do?  Attend rallies; sign petitions; write letters; speak up! 

    Together our voices are loud and strong.  We will be heard.


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