It's that time of year when families and friends get together. Whatever your holidays bring, most likely it will include family friends you don't know so well, or kids of friends or even your niece or nephew who are home from college. There are those uncomfortable moments when you don't know what to say. I say -- talk about Wildwood and the employment opportunities we have! 

    Why? Because we all benefit from having great employees who stick around.  The fact remains true, even today, with the job apps and career tech, that the  best way to attract reliable employees is word of mouth. We are a great company to work for! However, as the recruiter it’s my job to say that. It’s so much better when you, as a member of the community, say it. 

    How do you do this? It will probably come up more naturally than you think. For example, if the conversation turns to, The Great Resignation, there’s an in! Maybe mention how flexible Wildwood has become regarding shifts and how we value the idea of promotion from within.  

If you hear someone saying nobody wants to work anymore!  You can say that’s because they aren’t working for Wildwood! Okay, that sounds a little contrived, but you get the point. Talk us up!

Some conversation starters: 

  • You can talk about Wildwood Programs as being an entree into the Human Services industry

  •  You can talk about how that  local college student can get a per diem DSP; Comm Hab; Respite or even part -time Teacher’s Assistant position. 

  • How about the away-at-college sector? Explain that per diem is something you can do on vacations and summer. 

  • You can mention to the retired folks that are getting bored that Wildwood values their experience and they can take on a part time job where they get paid to do good in the world. 

  • Of course, don’t forget that full time positions working with our individuals or supporting our program are the mainstay of our organization. 

  • Find an interested party? Talk up the benefits! Here’s what I say as a former teacher, the full time benefits are comparable to a teacher’s.

What if you don’t want to say all that? Just say “Call Michele Hall, our new recruiter, she’ll talk to you about the Wildwood opportunities and get the process started. Her number is (518) 836-2353. “

Thank you for all that you already do!!!

Enjoy your holidays!!!

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