Throughout the month of November, Wildwood's Executive Management team hosted several virtual "Town Halls" where families, staff, and community members could tune in to learn more about the current status of Wildwood and ask questions that would be answered by leadership. If you missed them or were unable to attend, a video that recaps the meetings has been shared to our YouTube page! Find a compilation that covers all the topics and questions asked here: 

While the video is long, it's full of important information that covers everything from current staffing and financial information to what the future may look like post-pandemic. For those who are interested in learning more about particular topics, but do not want to watch the full video, you can find them at the following minute markers:

1:02 - Transitioning to New Leadership

3:06 - Short and Long Term Goals

5:00 - Addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic

7:27 - Staffing Amidst the Pandemic

9:17 - Financial Status of Wildwood

14:52 - The Wildwood Foundation

17:47 - The Importance of Advocacy

23:27 - An Update on the Search for COO

24:10 - Information on Managed Care

29:11 - The DEI Initiative 

37:20 - The Economic Impact of Wildwood

39:52 - The Future of Wildwood

42:32 - Ensuring Long-Term Viability of the Organization

45:02 - The Strength of Wildwood

50:50 - Weekly Updates and Family Communication

52:22 - Connecting with Executive Management

53:19 - Where to Learn More about Wildwood

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