Introducing the first official events from Wildwood's new Social Relationships and Sexuality Education (the SORSE). SORSE workshops and events will cover topics including online safety and social skills, informed consent, and sexuality and disability. Click on "Read More" below to see all SORSE course offerings and learn more!

All workshops will take place via Google Meet. If you are interested in attending any of the fall SORSE events, please register! To do so: 

Please contact Lynn LaFave at 518-640-3370 or 

Within your phone call or email, please be sure to include the following: 
1. Preferred email address
2. Preferred phone number
3. Title of the workshop(s) you are interested in attending
4. Why you are interested in the training (professional/agency affiliation, or family member/age)
5. If you are Family Support eligible (if a family member, does your child/loved one live with you or are they OPWDD eligible? Not required to attend, but noted for grant purposes).
6. Number of people attending

To attend, you must follow the Google Meet link (provided beneath title of workshop) at the time of the training.

For questions, please contact Kate Napolitano at or 518-640-3346.


Online Safety and Social Skills

Wednesday, September 30, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Available online only. Google Meet link to be provided upon registration.

Presented by Kate Napolitano, Social Relationships and Sexuality Educator at Wildwood

Some studies tell us that about 60% of teenagers currently use the internet as a way to make new friends. About 40% of adults currently use the internet for dating, making it the most popular way for people to meet. Did you know there are multiple dating websites made especially for people with disabilities? 

Between social media, making friends, the online dating scene, and other internet areas like pornography, there is a lot to be aware of when it comes to safely navigating the internet. This 2-hour workshop has been built especially for people with disabilities and their families; it will cover:

  • the typical ways people are socializing and dating online
  • basic skills you'll need to be safe while browsing the internet, and
  • how to practice those skills.

It will also cover ethical issues (like the role of parents, the agency, and censorship). The ultimate goal of this workshop is to help individuals and their families feel more confident about how to safely enjoy themselves online. The target audience for the Online Safety and Social Skills workshop is teens, adults, and parents.



Informed Consent: What it is, and why it's a good skill for us all to work on

Wednesday, October 28, from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Available online only. Google Meet link to be provided upon registration.

Presented by Kate Napolitano, Social Relationships and Sexuality Educator at Wildwood

Have you ever said yes to something you regretted later? Maybe you were too eager or hasty. Maybe you did not fully understand what you were getting into. Maybe someone was pressuring you. When it comes to sex and relationships, the skill of being able to give, identify, and receive informed consent can be key to preventing hurt, mistakes, harm, and regret. Being able to give and received informed consent is a sign that a person is legally, cognitively, and emotionally ready for the rights and responsibilities of healthy sex and relationships. People with certain disabilities are often directly asked to be able to demonstrate the skill of informed consent in order to be able to legally have sexual relationships. This skill can often be acquired through education, study, discussion, and practice. 

In this workshop, we'll explore what "Informed Consent" means specifically. We will look at what it takes to say "yes" to sex and/or relationships in an informed, healthy way. We will also explore ways to develop this skill, and talk more about the formal sexual consent evaluation process. The target audience for the Informed Consent workshop is teens, adults, and parents. 



Save the Date: Sexuality and Disability Conference

Wednesday, November 18, happening ALL DAY

This will be an online, all-day, conference with multiple events. 

Join us for a day that celebrates and explores sexuality, disability, love, and relationships in a sex-positive, joyful way. We'll have different sex educators visiting from throughout the Capital Region and beyond to gie informational presentations on various topics. There will be fun, educational arts and crafts opportunities, a lunch-time trivia contest (show us how much you know about love, relationships, and disability in pop culture) and more! 

This event will be suitable for individuals, families, parents, and couples. More details and announcements to come! 

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