Congratulations to Pam Hojohn, Winner of the Carolee Wilson Scholarship Award! 

Shared initially by Jennifer Guernsey: 

The Carolee Wilson Scholarship Award is given in memory of Carolee Wilson. Carolee was a teacher and coordinator at Wildwood School, known for being an innovator. This leadership was instrumental in helping create the educational program at the school until the mid-1990s. Her individualized and creative teaching style reached even the most challenging students. When Carolee passed away, her family endowed a scholarship to recognize excellence and creativity in a promising new teacher.

"Pam is a promising new teacher in the intermediate program level. Pam is in her second year as a classroom teacher at Wildwood School.  Pam is an all-inclusive, ambitious teacher who is constantly finding innovative ways to engage her students in learning. Pam has taken on challenging and dynamic classes with respect and integrity. She has very high expectations for all of her students, challenging them to meet their highest level of potential. Pam appreciates the unique qualities that each of her students possess and has been willing to try many different approaches to best meet their needs. When developing instruction, Pam recognizes the bigger picture and promotes independence that will serve her students well into their future. Pam is always open minded and seeks out new community experiences to help her students gain independent and functional life skills.  She works collaboratively with her team to ensure that effective approaches are being used to encourage her students’ acquisition of skills. Pam goes above and beyond to maintain quality relationships with families and recognizes the importance of their partnership in developing meaningful programs for her students. Pam shows up to school each day ready to give it her all and is an integral part of our holistic mission at Wildwood. She and her team are always willing to help out other classrooms in need, no matter what program level.  Pam is a valuable asset to Wildwood’s educational team; she is a highly effective leader, special education teacher, a wonderful person and a worthy recipient of the Carolee Wilson Scholarship."

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