By Michelle Singh, LMSW


    Wildwood Programs and The Rudy A. Ciccotti Center (also commonly known as the Ciccotti Center) have developed a new partnership to benefit Wildwood employees and the individuals supported by Wildwood.

    The partnership was initiated from a training provided by Michelle Brown, Coordinator of Integration and Advocacy, to 20 employees of the Ciccotti Center about how to best support individuals with disabilities as they utilize the services at the center. Scott Bergen, director of the center, has a long history with Wildwood from his own father’s experiences working in one of the residences. He realized that it was not only very possible to integrate folks with different needs within the community, but also could be accomplished more seamlessly.

    In order to encourage participation at the center, Ciccotti  is offering a discounted corporate membership to Wildwood employees and a discounted membership to individuals supported by Wildwood Programs. In addition to this discount, there will be a specified period of no enrollment fees. Anyone receiving a service at Wildwood and employees of Wildwood are also eligible to apply for a scholarship at the Ciccotti Center to reduce their out-of-pocket expense of the membership.

    Some of the features of the Ciccotti Center include Next Steps, a fully integrated 8-week program to improve conditioning and encourage weight loss. Also, Sensory Night will be held the first Friday of every month from 5 - 8 pm; during this time there will be full access to the water play area which is free to members and $15/night for individual non-members and $45/night for family non-members. Finally, there has been some discussion of developing yoga classes specific to the needs of group residences that are offered within the program setting.

    This expanding relationship allows staff to assist individuals in improving their health, and simultaneously staff personally reap the benefits of utilizing a fitness center. In addition, this new program with the Ciccotti Center increases the offerings of Wildwood’s Gold Level Wellness Program as recognized by the American Heart Association.

    For more information about membership and discounts available at Ciccotti Center, contact Member Services at 518.867.8920.

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