By Michelle A. Brown

The 4th Annual Collaborative Art Showcase was held on May 2, 2019.  This wonderful partnership between Wildwood and the Albany Barn was very successful. We had a fantastic turnout.  Artists, staff, family and community members came to view the displays.  People enjoyed the opportunity to chat with the artists and learn why and how they designed their piece.  By exploring a person’s art, we can discover what is important to them.

    Art pieces created by Wildwood artists inspire Albany Barn community artists to create another piece of art. There have also been opportunities for the artists from both communities to cooperate on one piece together. 

    Casey Polomaine, Director of Programming & Residencies at the Albany Barn stated, “This exhibition is one of our favorite programs that we do here at the Albany Barn.  Every year about 15 of our artists (some returning from the previous year, some just joining in) take their cues from the beautiful work created by the Wildwood artists, and it's always so much fun watching the show come together. “

    Over 30 Wildwood adult artists and 40 students have participated. Each year, we encourage new artists to join us. We’ve heard over and over again, “I’ve never been in an art show!”  It’s wonderful to see people find their creative voice and express themselves in new ways. 

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