By Tom Schreck


Over the last year, Wildwood staff at all levels began work on the organization’s next strategic plan. A strategic plan is a written guide of the direction that the organization intends to take in the next few years. It involves examining the current environment for threats and opportunities before developing a plan to address the future.

A year ago, a retreat with all member of Wildwood Leadership was held with David Lipschitz, a Siena professor, facilitating. The group brainstormed ideas about the future and Wildwood’s direction. Since then work groups have culled the brain storming lists and prioritized them to make more succinct reports. Focus groups involving families, people receiving supports, board members and community members have been held to make sure that all Wildwood stakeholders have a voice in the process.

The process is ongoing and many hours have already been dedicated to making the strategic plan a meaningful, workable document that will guide the organization and contribute to planning, action and results in the coming years. The official plan will be released early in 2019.

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