Earlier this Spring, Wildwood awarded Arnoff Moving and Storage with a Distinguished Partnership Award for their commitment to workplace inclusion. When Chris (Arnoff Employee and Wildwood invididual) started at Arnoff’s, he didn’t mesh with the job he was originally hired for. Arnoff’s human resources team jumped into action and carefully constructed a position for Chris which focused on his interests and skills. 

     Wildwood was honored to present the Distinguished Partnership Award at Arnoff’s expansion celebration. Thank you to Arnoff's for making a difference and leading the way towards a more inclusive workforce!Your dedication to embracing diversity and fostering a culture of inclusivity sends a powerful message.


    The 2023 Young Adult Program graduation was held on June 25th at the Italian American Community Center. Eighteen graduates received their diplomas and celebrated all of their amazing accomplishments.

    This year's graduating class was dedicated to helping their community by volunteering at multiple locations such as Meals on Wheels, the Homeless and Travelers Aid Society and cleaning up the Albany Pinebush. By working alongside community members, our students developed new skills, built social connections and  fostered a more inclusive relationship within the community.

    Looking towards the future, quite a few of our graduates have been accepted into Wildwood’s own Day Hab program, while others plan to explore day hab options a bit closer to home within their community. Some graduates even look to use their volunteer skills to attain a job! 

    Graduation ceremonies foster a sense of pride, accomplishment, and belonging among individuals who may have faced unique challenges. Let us celebrate their milestones, honoring the journeys they have undertaken and the bright futures that lie ahead. Congratulations to the Wildwood School Class of 2023!

    This was another great year, and the weather was perfect! The Wildwood team showed up dressed to impress with our team shirts, designed by Carol Connelly, and our matching team tie- dyed socks! 
    5,423 people participated in the Workforce Challenge in person and 349 people participated virtually.
    Wildwood had 10 team members this year. Nicole Vandenburgh from the Communications Department came in first on the team for the women with a time of 29 mins and 41 secs. She was 778 overall in the race!
    CEO Lou Deepe came in first for the men.
    Wildwood also had 21 people participate virtually. Lauren Roecker, from the Wildwood Foundation, came in first for Wildwood with a time of 29mins and 42 secs. She was 27th overall for virtual runners and #1 in her age bracket (which we will not disclose.) Kelly Sagan, from Wildwood School, was a close second with a time of 32mins and 10secs, placing her at 38th overall.
    Thank you to everyone who participated or cheered us on from the sidelines.  We look forward to doing this again next year and hope to have an even bigger turnout in person.
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    Summer has finally arrived and many of us are looking for ways to make the most of it!  If you are in need of some inspiration as to how to fill the days, we’ve compiled a sampling of local opportunities that may provide you with just the summer experience you’re seeking.

    Disclaimer:  These links are being provided for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement by Wildwood, nor do we acknowledge this is an exhaustive list of summer activities in the Capital Region.

Creative outlets:

    Arts are for everyone! From larger community spaces, to more private and intimate settings, there are many opportunities within the Capital District to discover new passions and untapped talents and interests. 

* Scholarships available 

* The Arts Center of the Capital Region


The Pottery Place

Arts Program Living Resources

CREATE Community Studios

Art Therapy from Heather Hutchison


    Recreational sports provide a multitude of benefits to athletes. Maybe this is the summer for you or your family member to try a new sport!  There are a number of adaptive sports programs available in the capital region offering a variety of activities.  

Saratoga Therapeutic Equestrian Program

Stride Adaptive Sports

Capital Region - Special Olympics New York

Sports for Children With Special Needs

Summer Programs - Adaptive Sports Foundation

Summer camp opportunities:

    Camp might be a perfect fit for a loved one, as there are both overnight and day possibilities within our region and slightly beyond. Some of the offerings listed here are fully integrated opportunities and some are specifically designed for people with special needs. 

Easterseals New York | Camp Colonie: A Place for Memories

About Camp Spectacular - Albany

Camp Wilton | Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

Ramapo for Children

Sidney Albert Albany JCC - Youth, Teens & Camp

Outdoor recreation:

    Summer is a perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors and we’re fortunate to have so many places to get outside in the Capital Region.  Many of our local parks and wildlife preserves offer ongoing or special programs to the public at little or no cost.  Check out the Upcoming Events section or Public Programs on their website. 

Grafton Lakes State Park

Thacher State Park

Albany Pine Bush Preserve

Five Rivers Environmental Education Center - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park

Saratoga Spa State Park

    Wildwood helped the Homeless and Travellers Aid Society (HATAS) School Backpack Program deliver 2,220 bags of food through the City of Albany School District! Wildwood also helped provide milk and eggs to 650 students throughout the year. HATAS says "We would not have been as successful as we were this year, without all of their help."

Broken down by program, here is how our teams impacted HATAS for the 2022-2023 school year. 

  • Stapling/Volunteering: New Karner: 
    • 18 volunteers in total, with 8 people who had never volunteered with HATAS before this year!
    • Total number of cards stapled: 650
  • Delivering:
    • New Karner: delivered 783 meals to Pine Hills Elementary School (roughly 30 a week)
    • Pinecrest: delivered 1,115 meals to Giffen Memorial School (roughly 42.5 a week)
    • Riverside: delivered 322 meals to Delaware Community School (roughly 14 a week)

    A tremendous thank you to all of our dedicated DSPs who lead this charge every single week and program managers/supervisors who prioritize your volunteer commitments. Their efforts & dedication are seen, appreciated & valued in our community. Stay tuned for signing up again this fall.


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