Wildwood Programs Presents: Social Relationships and Sexuality Education Program

LGBTQIA+, Lifestyles and Disability
Wednesday, October 27, 2021  10:00 am – 11:00 am

Presented via Google Meet by Kate Napolitano, MA, LCSW, Social Relationships and Sexuality Educator

This is a general educational workshop for anyone who wishes to improve their awareness and understanding of the broad spectrum of sexual, romantic, and affectionate identities that exist, and how, indeed, having a disability can nuance such lived experiences. For example, people who identify with both the LGBTQIA+ population and with disability can have the experience of a “multiple marginalized identity,” and are typically at an increased risk for discrimination, depression and other well-being-related issues.

We’ll take a look at some of the basic definitions of a variety of sexual and affectionate identities to increase your comfort with discussing them. The emphasis of this workshop will be that multiple sexual and affectionate identities do exist, and we all have a daily responsibility to treat each other safely and respectfully, no matter our sexuality. However, no one will be specifically encouraged to adopt a particular identity. Everyone is welcome.

We’ll also examine how to respectfully include the existence of such identities into sex education discussions with your child in ways that also respect your own culture; what can happen for a person with disabilities who realizes they identify with anything considered outside the sexual or affectionate “norms,” and how everyone can best support them. This workshop is generally targeted for teens, adults, and parents.

To register email fss@wildwoodprograms.org. Within your email include the following:

1) Indicate your preferred email
2) Indicate your preferred phone number
3) Indicate title of workshop(s)
4) Interest in training (professional and agency affiliation or family member)
5) Age of child
6) FSS eligible (If family member, does your child/loved one live with you and are they OPWDD eligible.) This is not required to attend the training but we do need to note this for grant purposes.
7) Number of people attending

To attend, you must click on the Google Meet link at the time of the training. Or call in to the number shared with you upon registration. (For questions only, please contact Kate Napolitano at 518.640.3346 or knapolitano@wildwood.edu)



Our Second Annual Conference on Sexuality and Disability will take place all day on Wednesday, November 17, 2021. Theme TBA.  Generally speaking, we’ll host speakers from throughout the Capital Region and beyond who will provide workshops and activities for education on different topics related to sexuality and disability. Keep an eye on our upcoming announcements to get all of the details! Our First Annual Conference was a huge success - hope to see you for our second-time around!


Wildwood Working Hard to Fill Open Positions

You may have noticed the Wildwood name flashed around town lately! In order to attract new employees to the Wildwood family, an advertising campaign was started that included ads on CDTA buses and created a series of lawn signs to advertise openings at various Wildwood locations. Open interview sessions were held on every Wednesday in September and Wildwood also welcomed Michele Hall to the human resources department to help with the recruitment of potential employees.

Wildwood Featured on Local and State-wide News

On CBS 6 News, Wildwood’s Director of Communications, Tom Schreck, discussed the importance of direct support professionals and our organization's need for quality applicants with CBS 6 noon anchor, Melissa Lee.  You can see the full news segment at https://cbs6albany.com/news/local/wildwood-highlights-direct-support-professional-appreciation-week.


Spectrum News will air a state-wide feature on the success of Wildwood’s Employment Services in partnering with the Smile Lodge dental practice. The Smile Lodge has hired several professionals supported by Wildwood who have had long tenures with the company. Feature reporter, Sara Rivest produced the story for Spectrum News along with a two-part feature on the challenges parents of new Wildwood School graduates face when they leave school. You can see that story at: https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/capital-region/human-interest/2021/06/23/graduates-with-disabilities-adult-uncertainty.

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